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About Us

My name is Jenny Kelm and with my husband Mike we started 'KastleKelm' in 2010 but my interest in Miniatures has been around for a lot longer. Probably when at the age of 6yrs I picked up some plasticine and spent many weeks making the 7 dwarfs!!. Sadly no longer with us if only I had known about polymer clay then!!



It is always quite difficult to explain what we make to people as it expands all the time! We like creating something 'different' and find plenty of inspiration,mainly in books. I am a big fan of Norman Rockwell and the fantasy creations of Brian Froud and also Terry Pratchett! Recently I have discovered a great illustrator called Jean Baptiste Monge who has also inspired me to make  many of my characters.

I make many Witch, Wizard & Gnome items but we have expanded into 'Steampunk' ever since we went to the 'Museum of the History of Science' in Oxford in 2010. Mike enjoys creating many engineering/Jules Verne type items with many more realistic miniatures too.He works in the film Industry in the Art departments as Art Directer but also as a Model Maker creating working models for use in films.(see photo below) Sadly theres never enough time!


 Mike at work on a concept model



  Jenny with Jams and potions & a few characters!


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